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ეს ის ფრაზებია, რომლის უმეტესობა დღემდე თავში გვიტრიალებს... და ძააალიან ხშირად გვახსენდება სხვადასხვა სიტუაციიდან გამომდინარემაშ ასე....დავიწყებ ჩემი საყვარელი ფრაზებიდან:

  1. "Are we getting wiser, or just older?" –Carrie
  2. "Do we need distance to get close?" –Carrie
  3. "Who we are in bed is who we are in life. I never met a man who was bad in bed who was good at life." –Samantha
  4. "Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it's good, you don't have it anymore; if it's bad, you just had sex with an ex." –Samantha
  5. "Men who are too good looking are never good in bed because they never had to be." – Carrie 
  6. "Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me." –Samantha
  7. "The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship is the person in your next relationship." –Miranda)
  8. ("A guy can just as easily dump you if you fuck him on the first date as he can if you wait until the tenth." –Samantha
  9. "why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?" - Carrie
  10. "Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion." –Samantha
  11. "Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls... because they can." –Samantha
  12. "Women are for friendships, men are for fucking." –Samantha
  13. "The country runs better with a good looking man in the White House. Look what happened with Nixon... no one wanted to fuck him, so he fucked everyone." –Samantha
  14. "Are there women in New York who are just there to make us feel bad about ourselves?" –Carrie
  15. "Are you saying there's no way you'd go out with a guy who lived with his family?" -Carrie"Well, maybe Prince William." –Samantha
  16. "Balls are to men what purses are to women." – Carrie
  17. "That's the thing about needs. Sometimes when you get them met, you don't need them anymore." Carrie
  18. "Don't play "hard to get" with a man who's hard to get." – Samantha
  19. "The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." –Carrie

3 კომენტარი

  1. მარი  

    აუ, როგორ მიყვარს ეს გამონათქვამები...
    მე ვიწერდი ხოლმე რომ ვუყურებდი ერთ რვეულში და ემრე ბლოგზეც :) :))

  2. HoNeY  

    მეც ძალიან მიყვარს და რამოდენიმე სულ თავსი მიტრიალებს .... და უსაყვარლესი ფრაზებია....

    კიდე დაამატეთ რა თუ გაქვთ ამოწერილები

  3. მარი  

    მაქვს! აი აქ: http://marushkin.blogspot.com/2008/07/quotes-from-satc.html
    მამენტ აქაც გადმოვაკოპირებ :)

    Men don't want a lawyer, they want a liar! ~ Miranda ft. Adan

    Marriage is the end of the possibility, that your next great fuck is just around the corner ~ Samantha

    You can't surprise a man with a dog ~ Adan

    One Woman's pornographer is another woman's spiritual leader ~ Carrie

    One Woman's Titanic is another woman's love boat ~ Carrie

    One woman's trash is another woman's treasure ~ Charlotte

    City Giirls are just Country Girls, with Cuter outfits ~ Carrie

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